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Adult Affiliate Programs That Work!


Everyone knows that adult content (ie. porn) is where the big money is and, 

if you don't mind promoting it, you can get your own cut of that money making pie.

Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry that is virtually recession proof, so even when

the economy is bad you can still make at least some extra income on the side.


I'm not going to get into great detail about all the various adult affiliate programs

out there because there are MANY and the list would be huge and, for the most part

irrelevent since what works for one person may not work for others, as it depends on

the saturation of your niche and many other factors. The ones I'm going to mention

here are general adult affiliate programs that will work pretty much for anyone,

irregardless of your site. You don't even have to run a porn site, as these ones

convert well even on general websites! If you are a total newbie to this then I

suggest reading this general starter guide for the adult newbie webmaster. It

mentions these affiliate programs and other factors you should know.


Porn Affiliates Facts From Fiction


It's a numbers game, really. There was a time, way back in the 90's, when you could

just build a simple site, throw up a few porn sponsor banners and then watch the cash

roll in. Well, those days are over, my friend. Now you actually have to WORK for

your money! I'm amazed by how many new people enter the adult industry online with

the misconception of vast riches, based on some scam artist who told them them it was

possible. I suppose if you were one of the actual porn sponsors, at the top of the food

chain, then it might be possible, but entering the porn game as a new affiliate just

trying to make a few dollars online, I wouldn't hold my breath. You CAN make money

online, of course, but just don't start dreaming of bling yet, as it's a long road ahead!


Speaking of scams, you should NEVER buy into those turnkey porn website offers.

They always show you some flashy page with eye catching graphics of babes, money

and cars with numbers showing you how rich you can get with their porn sites.

Unfortunately, what happens is that you pay sometimes $1000 or more for the site

and then they still have the balls to ask you for 20 bucks a month hosting fee and

THEN they only split the profits with you 50/50!! What you're actually doing there

is paying THEM to promote THEIR website, when it should be the exact opposite!


Any REAL, legit porn sponsor will give you their content for FREE to use and

promote, without ANY fees at all, and they'll still split all the profits with you,

sometimes as much as 70% in your favor! Those turnkey adult scam sites just suck

big money out of naive people who usually don't even make enough to cover their

basic hosting fees (which is another thing you can get for free). Avoid at all costs!


The Simple Approach For Porn Affiliates


Keep it simple, stupid! You've read that saying before, right? Well, it's true!!

When just starting out there's no point in spending huge amounts of money on

elaborate sites and promotion. While there ARE things you should do later on

to expand your "empire", you should keep it simple at first just to test some ideas

and see what converts for you. Start with a simple free hosted blog (a simple

search will show many of these services) and then just put your sponsors free

content on it, along with a few well placed porno ads. Sounds simple, right?

Well, yes and no. To START it can be that simple, but there are many other

factors you will need to learn as you go, but that's true of making money online

and internet marketing in general. Start with the basics and then build from there!


What Porn Sponsors Ads To Use?


This is certainly one of the most important factors to your success. You don't want

want to put ads for horny grandmas on a teen niche site or anything that isn't a

good fit for your website content. That's why I suggest using the sponsor programs

listed here, as they are general topic ones that can be used on just about ANY

website. Click on the links to go directly to their information sign up pages.


Cash In On Virtuagirl HD Desktop Strippers!


This is a free program that turns your computer into a virtual stripper show.

Your website visitors click their ads on your site and are presented with an

array of attractive theme girls in uniforms that they can choose and download.

The girls strip right on the screen and it's really quite fun to watch! You make

money when your customers pay to see special girl sets and themes. It converts

well because of the options available. The surfer can choose to pay per dance or

for VIP membership subscriptions lasting from 1 to 6 months! It's an easy, fun

way to make money online with ANY adult themed website!

virtuagirl banner




Dating Gold Amateur Match Webcam Sites


The dating genre is HUGE and I'm sure you've seen ads for MANY dating sites all

over the internet. There is a simple reason for this. It makes MONEY!! So, why do

I recommend this one over all the others? Well, the reason why dating sponsors are

so popular is also the cause of great grief for many new webmasters. All dating

sponsors have a payout option where you can choose to be paid for every visitor

you send to them who signs up as a FREE member. This means you don't actually

have to even make a SALE!! Sounds great, doesn't it? Most people see it as easy

money to get paid just for getting someone to sign up to a free site where it won't

cost them a dime. Here's the catch: Most of the other sponsor sites will only pay

you for these free sign ups if you maintain a certain free to paid member ratio,

usually 1:20. In other words, for every 20 people who become free members

through your site, at least one of them has to upgrade to a paid membership, and

that's not easy to do. Some webmasters with the right kind of traffic can pull it off

but most can't. This is especially true of AFF, which is everywhere, but any

search will show many forum threads of webmasters now complaining about them.


That's where Dating Gold is better than the rest, for 2 distinct reasons. First of

all, you DON'T have to maintain any conversion ratios, so you therefore get paid

for EVERY surfer who signs on, whether they pay or not, and that makes it more

fair to you and your hard work. Second, and this is where they are truly unique,

if that free member DOES upgrade at any time later on, you get an extra cash

bounty on top of what you had already been paid before!! All the other date

sponsors will just pay you for the initial sign up and that's it, but with these guys

you can make even more money! Oh, and they have webcam sites to promote as

well, and those have hot conversion ratios too! It's a sweet deal!!

Signup With DG Here!




Phone Sex Is Still Profitable!!


I know some people think that the phonesex business is kinda "old school" and not profitable anymore.

Well, I'm telling you straight up that it STILL makes good money. There are many lonely guys who are too

shy to actually go out and get laid, but who still like to hear a soothing female puts them at ease.

In my experience, this kind of guy is also more likely to be a repeat buyer, as they become more comfortable

speaking with the same female weekly or nightly. They start to see her as a friend and want to call them often.

It becomes a kind of sexual therapy and that means easy, passive residual income for you! Sweet!!

You get your own, exclusive number to promote as well, which is really cool, plus a $100 signup bonus!

Phonesex Affiliate Program




CeCash Free Sign Up Email Mag Program


Everybody loves FREE porn, right?? YES!! Well, with the CeMag email option 

you can get paid just by sending your surfers to their free porn sign up offer! 

You get paid every time a visitor signs up for free just by confirming their email 

address. It's as simple as that! This sponsor has been around for a long time and 

knows how to treat your surfers right! They also have pay-per-sale and many 

other options and in MANY niches, so you're sure to find something to promote 

that will convert well for whatever type of traffic you have. You can bank on it!! 




Online Models Wanted Too!


For those of you into the webcam modeling scene, there are a few different options available.

Everyone knows there is a ton of money to be made in live cams, as it's the closest thing a guy can

get to the real thing, while still enjoying the safety and comfort from being in their own home. 

Option 1: Join a webcam affiliate program and make 100's per sale or even $25+ per FREE signup! Click Here!

2: Become an adult cam model agent to get 10% of the income from EVERYONE you refer for LIFE! SignUp Here.

3: Feel adventurous? Be a cam girl or guy yourself and earn $1+ a MINUTE working from home! Apply now!

Work hard now and you can retire early on in life...seriously, DO IT!! Ka-CHING!




That should be enough information to get you started, as I don't want to hit you

with too much information at once. There are many more things to learn, but

start with the basics first and then build from there. Good luck!!


Here's to your SUCCESS!!

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