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cpalead network


CPALead Network


Want to know the easiest way to make money from your own website?

It's the CPALead network! Making money online has never been easier!

The main difference with this affiliate program over others listed here is that

you must already have your own website, as they do not provide a landing page for

you to promote. Fortunately, this is not really a difficult task to do at all!


Cpalead works by putting cpa (cost per action or acquisition) offers on your site via

a "premium content gateway lock", which is a survey that your visitors fill out to 

gain access to your site's content. These are fun and easy cpa surveys that will not 

annoy your surfers because they are usually entertainment related questions such as

"What is your favorite tv show character?", or something similar. All they have to do

is answer the question and submit an email address and you get paid for that lead!


It's that easy! Really! Because of the entertaining nature of these cpa quiz questions

they tend to work better on sites that entertain people, instead of news or information.

Websites featuring videos, shows, games, wallpaper or ebook downloads are usually

the kind that will perform the best, therefore making more money online for you.

Best of all is that you don't have to sell anything. You get paid just for providing

the free lead to the advertising company. No sales conversions to worry about!!


Since they are one of the only incentive based networks online, that makes it even

easier to earn, as you can actually encourage your viewers to check out your offers! 

You can't do that with any of those PPC (what I call mere "pennies per click") scams!

However, since it IS so easy to make a steady, long term income with this affiliate 

program, they don't approve everyone who registers with them. They will actually

look at the site you list on your application to see if it is suitable to them. 

This is to insure that your content is good enough that users will want to fill out

a questionnaire to gain access to it. If you have a site full of spam or crap then you

won't get in. Most webmasters just work on improvements and reapply the 2nd time,

so don't get discouraged if you get a rejection email. It happened to many of us!


So, are you ready to start making some REAL money online with your website??


Click to Join CPALead Now!!



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