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Eye Earn - Get Seen Get Paid with EyeEarn!


I'm sure you've heard the Eye Earn slogan by now: "Get seen. Get Paid"!

But what does this MEAN? Well, basically, EyeEarn is a program in which

you wear a shirt with the website logo and put their banner on your car to

attract attention to the site and then get paid from a pool of people that

comes from everyone worldwide doing the same thing as what you are doing.


Ok, so it's not quite as simple as just wearing a shirt and getting paid a few

bucks to do so, but I'll explain the eyeearn process as best I can for you.


When you sign up FREE you get ONE share of the company. That sounds

simple enough, but as anyone in business knows, you have to spend at least

SOME money to make money. To really promote the program you really

HAVE to buy the starter kit, which is only $20 and a really good investment, as

 the kit gives you the EyeEarn shirt, car banner, stickers, business cards and more.

I was actually surprised by how thorough the kit is for helping affiliates succeed!


As you are wearing the shirt, driving around in your car showing the banner,

and passing out the business cards and stickers, you are attracting people to

the site who join, and every member worldwide is doing the same thing!

Now, where it gets interesting is that the 10th of every month is payday and

your share is calculated by adding the puchases of ALL those people

gathered to the store site by ALL those members worldwide and then dividing

that by the amount of members who went "EA". Yes, there's the catch...

(You KNEW there was one, didn't you?)


To make any serious money in the Eye Earn program you have to go EA,

which stands for Executive Affiliate, and they are the ones who reap the

benefits of this great program. When you become EA you instantly get a

downline of all the members that joined after you per month, which

generally amounts to over 30,000 people! That sounds like an incredible

number, but you have to realize that this is WORLDWIDE and people are

joining at a rate of 1000's per day from almost every country in the world,

and you get a cut of that action! It can get pretty interesting!

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How Much Does It Cost To Go EA?


That's probably the most asked question, and rightly so. It's a fair

question to ask. While it CAN cost money to become an executive affiliate

with Eye Earn, it does not HAVE to. It generally costs about $30 per month

to maintain EA status and with that you get TWO full shares of EyeEarn value.

When you first join you are given a store that is an online portal to such well

known retail giants as Walmart, Amazon, Petsmart and MANY more! You can

either buy things yourself at wholesale prices to sell for retail price at places

like Ebay (as many do) or locally at stores or through many other online

avenues that make it easy to maintain your executive status.


Obviously, if someone else buys from your portal then you get to go EA for

FREE, but even if you buy something yourself, you can get things as

gifts for others that you normally would anyway, and it's not actually costing

you extra. I personally buy magazines through my own store at less than

retail price of ones I'd buy locally anyway. So, I get what I would buy anyway at

LESS cost to me AND I get paid EVERY month, on the 10th, as an EA! Nice!!


One point has to be stressed though, and I know others might argue this,

but if you're NOT going to go EA, then there's no point in signing up at ALL.

Again, this doesn't mean that you personally have to spend money, but you

MUST be actively promoting the store portal, because the only way to make

a significant income is to be an executive there. Seriously.


Have no fear though, as it's not hard to do and I've been an executive for

so long there that I now get THREE shares of the company. You'll notice your

EyeEarn earnings increase every month and that's the best part!!


I'm a very supportive team leader there too, so after you sign on just

send me an email anytime (my addy will be sent to you) and I'll teach you

everything I know about how to make it work for you. You won't get personal

"hand holding" support like that for many of the other affiliate programs that

are out there that take your money and then abandon you to sink or swim on

your own. I'm not like that at all and I'll personally help you succeed as much

as I can. I want you to succeed because, if YOU succeed then I succeed too!


Click to sign up for the Eye Earn Affiliate Program

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Note: The EyeEarn site is owned and operated by SFI, 

which is one of the longest and most respected affiliate 

marketing companies in the world, operating online since 

1996 and offline since 1985! Any search will show you 

they are a reputable company and this is NOT one of 

those fly by night scams. This will be around for YEARS!



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